The Bund Brewery – Shanghai, China

The Bund Brewery is a charming little place nestled in the middle of a very ritzy area featuring stores such as Armani, D&G, Rolex, etc. This brewery/restaurant is located near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu right off the famous Bund walk way with some of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen. The brewery features a tasty wheat beer and a dark brew that is fantastic! For the location this was very reasonably priced. Enjoy!

Jhu Jiang Wan, China

Today, we had a most wonderful opportunity to visit a local (somewhat remote) village called Jhu Jiang Wan. The village is a bit out of the way and pretty remote. You can’t google nor was I able to find it on google earth. The village people we encountered were very friendly and some were a bit curious by our visit. The hospitality by Mrs. Jingyrn was wonderful. She quickly chopped up a melon of sorts and offered it to us.