The Great Wall – Jinshangling Area

One of the places on our bucket list of places to visit while living in China was the Great Wall. So, on Sunday, May 27, 2012, we decided to take the Bullet Train or fast train out of Shanghai and travel to Beijing. We visited the Jinshangling Great Wall area. This area had fantastic and breath taking views. Not too touristy which worked out just fine for us as we wanted to enjoy the area without a large tourist crowd. The Jinshangling part of the Great Wall has an elevation of 700 meters or 2300 feet. For some this might not be much of a climb; but, for people like us who are not as physical fit as could be, this was a huge challenge. Half way up the mountain, I so wanted to quit, but as I looked back and saw my 14 year old daughter I knew I had to keep going. Had I quit she would have quit too. So, onward we went. Exhilarating is the only word that can describe our emotions as we stood at the top looking down.



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