Jiangnan Ancient Town Zhujiajiao

We recently traveled to Zhujiajiao Water Town where we discovered glimpses of a more modern world mixed with the old historical world. This water town was full of rich architecture elements and history dating back to the year 1700. This town boasts 36 stone bridges found across the rivers. 

3 thoughts on “Jiangnan Ancient Town Zhujiajiao

    • Thank you! We’ve been to several of these great water towns in the area. My favorite town so far has been Tong Li near Wujiang. We’ve also been fortunate enough to visit some great gardens in both Shanghai and Suzhou. Thank you for the note and for the reblogged post!

  1. Brings back memories of dining on rice alongside the little river with a friend and her colleagues. So much to see and explore, and I always wanted to duck inside every shop and browse the collection of rare wares I never find in the US. Zhujiajiao, as you mention, has a modern side to it. Walk down a few of the side streets and you’ll notice litte expat bars/hangouts, one of which was named the Bum Cafe. we happenened to go inside one little hangout to find a ping pong table, billiards, and seating where people can relax over a drink (non-alcoholic is also optional) and play chinese poker.

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