Luxu Christian Church

We have missed our connection with our church family since moving to China. The girls have stated they miss Wednesday night church. Wednesday night church was a pot luck and activities for all ages, pretty fun evening. We have learned that there are churches in Shanghai that have service in English; however, Shanghai is about an hour to 1.25 hours away. So, Sunday service seemed out of the question.

During a walk, a good friend of ours, stumbled on a local Christian church. We have been warmly welcomed and our good friend Sherry has been able to share the gift of music by playing the piano a few times during service. There is of course one tiny little problem, the church is ALL in Chinese. Thankfully, we have a translator and a few members of the congregation that speak English well enough to translate part of the service.

I have a snipit (is this a word?) to share. Yes, they are in Chinese; but, as you will be able to hear, the female speaker has a lot of passion for the word of the Lord. The male speaker is the Leader of the church. There are many in the church that do not know how to read. To teach them the hymnals they practice every Sunday before church until the people learn the words. Phrase by phrase, it’s amazing to hear!

One more amazing fact to share. Towards the end of the service and during shared prayer, you will hear hundreds of voices at the same time. Everyone shares prayer out loud and at the same time. It’s wonderful to hear and see. God is great!


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