What’s for dinner?

After a long evening last night, my husband and I decided to go on an early morning walk. Normally, the only people out and about during the early morning hours are the vendors who are setting up for a new day, commuters, & exercise conscience minded individuals. This morning was a bit different. The weather could have had something to do with it as weather wise we had a second glorious morning. We saw lot’s of people out and about and ton’s at TESCO. I commented to my husband that early morning walks to avoid the crowds were failed attempts. People were everywhere.

En route to the open market I spotted a lady with a prize selection for dinner, a chicken, a live chicken at that. Then further down our walk we saw a lady selling her goose. The goose was wrapped in some sort of heavy-duty plastic bag and was still alive. The lady met with great success when selling her goose as we later encountered the poor thing in a bucket of hot water being plucked away. Yuck!

TESCO, was a whole other animal. TESCO had lines 10-15 people deep. The majority of the people could be seen at the fruit section and the fish section. They had a huge variety of fresh and frozen fish products. To watch them catch the live fish with a hand-held net while getting splashed was quite entertaining.

All this between the hours of 7:30 – 9:00 AM. Life, life in Luxu is never dull.

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