And the count down begins…. U.S.A. here we come…

I’ve known for month’s the date of our departure, I’ve known for month’s what needed to be done, I know I should have gotten started on the logistics of our sleeping arrangements long ago. But instead, I had it all on the back burner simmering. Now, with less than a week before heading back to the U.S. I want to tear down and rebuild Rome while cramming in every phone call and making every Dr. appointment we could possibly need.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Since we’re leaving for 3 weeks, I have these crazy thoughts that I must have every nook & cranny cleaned out and wiped down. Every mirror & glass door, every window, & every corner must be touched. Never mind that I do these type of chores throughout the week’s & month’s, I just have this burning need to do it all over again right before leaving. I’m my own worst enemy and I do this to myself I know, I must be losing it. Ha!

Take today for example. Today, I scrubbed down all my kitchen cabinets, the wall’s, & refrigerator. I rearranged all the plastic containers by size and moved two stands to sweep and mop underneath them once again. Just in case of course. But in case of what? Tomorrow I’ll be working on our living room which is our favorite hang out area. I’ve added washing the coverings for our bed covers.

I’ve pulled out the suitcase’s and I’m trying to decide which one’s to take, which one’s I have to take, and which one’s would be nice to take. I keep thinking of and making lists of all the items I want to take back that were brought to China unnecessarily. Then I think of all the items I want to bring back. I may need an extra suitcase for the items coming back. I’d like to bring back my hand blender, my baking pan‘s, my favorite baking products, my favorite kitchen utensils and a pack of my favorite writing pens. I’d also like to bring back a variety of fabrics, threads, floss, & needles. I even wonder if I can bring back my sewing machine in my carry-on! 

I realize all this is just not necessary. I’m convinced the only way I can reduce my anxiety level and curb my excitement is by staying so busy that I end up falling asleep early. The kind of sleep that starts even before my head hit’s the pillow. I could go on and on, I could tell you how we’ll be in 3 states within 3 weeks. I can also go as far as telling you that we are not done with summer course work for my girls who are currently home schooling. But, I won’t. ha ha

I know I must sound nuts to some of you and to my family members, I know they must be saying, hmmm that’s just her. All this to head to the states for three wonderful weeks. All this to see my grown children and attend my son’s wedding. To see and spend time with my little girl (she’s 21).  All this to fly yet again within the same week to see my wonderful mother who I’ve not seen in 2 years. All this because I love my family so much and I just can’t wait to see them again!

Life is good & God is great!


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