Farm House In Michigan

Home, such a simple four letter word full of meaning and emotion. In 2010 we purchased a mini Hobby Farm with full intentions of restoring the house and surrounding buildings. We have a dream of living simpler yet comfortable, of enjoying life while we work and not work to enjoy life.

Our dream is to once again have a large garden, fruit trees, & a flower bed. I can almost envision my Black-Eye’d Susan’s, Coneflower’s, Shasta Daisy‘s, & Day Lily‘s surrounded by baby’s breath and a blanket flower through the changing seasons. ::sigh:: As I take a walk around the farmhouse I realize that the project is bigger than what we ever imagined, does it dissuade us from our dreams? A sound no is the correct answer. On the contrary, it inspires us to continue as we are doing for a few more years. To prepare for a simpler life while we enjoy the fruit of labor.

I took the following few shots while walking around the farmhouse during the evening. My favorite is the sunset picture. Let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Farm House In Michigan

  1. Rural Michigan countryside pictures versus Chinese city pictures. Quite a difference , no?
    I’m really digging the 1st sunset reflected in the broken window photograph!

  2. Beautiful pictures. sis….so peaceful and calming. I wrote down your comment about “enjoy life while we work and not work to enjoy life.” I’ll be 60 years old this year and age never bothered me until this one :)…I’ve wasted a lot of time doing the “work” thingy and not enjoying my flowers and the things the Lord has put right in front of me. Two times this week I think He has been trying to speak to me…one with your comment and the other one is this: I was joking around at work about turning 60 and how everything hurts getting up and down and how the golden years aren’t so golden. While I was smarting off a customer heard me and just looked at me and turned her cart around. She came around to me, stood in front of me for a few seconds (I thought she was going to give me a good tongue lashing), but she said “my brother is dying of cancer and has not much time left…he is 59 years old and would love to see 60, but he won’t. I told her I was truly sorry and how sorry I was to hear about her brother and how much she was hurting over him. I told her “thank you for blessing me this day, I will never think of 60 in the same way again, nor will I think of age like I have been doing and joking about it again. She was heading to Arkansas (sp) the next morning. He may be gone by now for all I know and the grief that was in her eyes was overwhelming. I sent a yellow mini rose bush for her to give to him, maybe to brighten his day in a way, but told her when the time came for her to face his death, to bring the bush back to plant in his memory, for her to look at it to enjoy his life of 59 years and to thank her for changing a part of my life that I will never forget. I guess my point is that you and my brother are on the right track, enjoying life while you work and not work to enjoy life as most of us try to do.
    Simple is better and that is one more thing I feel the Lord has showed me this week. So I thank you for your words and beautiful pictures… more thing He has tried to speak to my heart again this week….2 things I won’t forget on my journey to the 60 year mark. Love you guys, thanks for listening 🙂

  3. Photography is nice!!! What difference do find between Michigan and china as far as life style and people are concerned?

    • Hi there,

      There are so many differences it would be hard to fit them all in. I would say a few of the major differences we have found are:
      1. Food – Most people in this rural area eat fresh fruit, veggies, & rice daily. We have found that a lot of the food has no preservatives and could be a reason our bread molding quickly.
      2. Sanitation – As westerners we are not accustomed to seeing children squat to urinate or poo in public nor are we used to seeing men on the side of the street urinating, this custom is very accepted here and quite the norm. For this reason, we do not allow our children to wear sandals outdoors. You just don’t know what you could be stepping on.
      3. Driving – Wow! Driving is for the brave here. We have had many near misses and have seen accidents that have resulted in fatalities. I don’t believe some of our drivers here would be able to pass our western driver examination exams.

      Just a little insight on a few Chinese ways. We do enjoy this area that we are in and look forward to travels across Asia.

      • Wow!!! Thanks for the information!!! Maybe you can write as a article about the culture in China and also about the unknown tourist places etc. Thanks again!!!!

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