A Trip Down Memory Lane in Peru, Indiana


One of our favorite pass times is to drive around and visit old stomping grounds. We love to reminisce over the yesteryear’s and share our favorite memories with each other. While on vacation and back in Peru, Indiana, where Mike grew up, we found ourselves driving by one of the houses he used to live in and his dad’s old antique shop.

The house of course doesn’t look the same. It’s run down and weathered. Gone is the bright white paint and clean yard his mamma kept. Gone is the barn with the high hay loft Mike used to jump out of and the car from the early 30’s his dad kept parked in the drive way. Gone is the area where Mike used to break double cola bottles. What remains is a shadow of the place it used to be and the fond memories my husband has of the place.



The Antique Store – Now, there are stories and then there are stories. Elder Mr. Smyth had the upper hand on life experiences and stories. He traveled, wheeled, and dealt some great bargains. He was a cunning man with a soft heart. Nothing ever held enough value and for the right price and just about anything was for sale.

This building too has seen better days. The store used to be white with black trim. The front door was inviting and always open to a sale. As you would walk in the door and to the right was a counter with a show case area to display antiques. My husband remembers the grey cat that would sit at the window sill and hiss and bear its fangs to to anyone passing by. He says the damn thing used to scare the hell out of him. Ha!



No measurements – Homemade Flour Tortillas

I debated on whether or not to add this post to my blog as I don’t have exact measurements for each ingredient to share. At a very early age I was taught how to make tortillas and to learn to measure by sight and not with measuring cups and spoons. I’ve tried on numerous times to try to measure the ingredients only to fail and ruin the dough.

One of my favorite childhood memories is of mom spreading re-fried beans and bacon on a homemade flour tortilla. I remember walking in the door from school and the smell of the tortillas cooking or freshly made still in the air. The same smell can be savored in our home today. I get the same reaction from my children as I used to have as a child. My daughter will walk out of her room and say, “mom I smell tortillas”. She’ll take a deep breath and wonder to the kitchen to lather a tortilla with butter, wrap it up, & enjoy the treat. Tortillas is a must for our family, it’s a way of having some sense of normal for the girls and comfort food for all. Fond memories!

Our challenge: Trying to find shortening in China is almost unheard of. We were able to find some imported Crisco shortening in a place called CityShop; however, the price was staggering.

Fish trapping in Luxu, China.

During one of our walks we came across the scene below. A fisherman setting his fish traps along the shallow water. This is pretty common in this rural area. It’s nice to see such a simplistic, although hard I’m sure, way of life.

There is a certain calmness about this scene. The picture was taken about 7:15 AM on Sunday morning 8/26/2012.


Back to School – Fenhu, China

…. and of course there must be an Arnold Palmer half & half in her hand…

With much excitement, little sleep, and a lot of nerves, my little 14-year-old started school today. She is so excited to be skipping her freshman year and on to her sophomore year at Sino-Canada High. All she could say was, Michigan State I’ll be there earlier. Ha ha

What’s different for this school year? I usually shop, I mean SHOP, for back to school gear. This school year my girls have informed me that they don’t need a lot of clothes. They would like to wear what they have and just buy stuff here as needed. Who are these girls? These are the girls that had to wear the Hollister, American Eagle, A&F, etc.. the girls who had to wear name brands because they thought it was the only way to fit in. Wow!

China has been a good place for us. A place where growth has happened in many different ways. A place that has brought our children and us closer together. A place we call home for now. Life is good!

We are blessed!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Exciting photo challenge of the week, urban, hmm what to pick, what to pick. I decided to go with a 6:00 PM rush hour photo and one from the peak looking down at the vast Hong Kong isle.

These pictures were taken in Hong Kong, April 2012.

Hong Kong Rush Hour and Sky Line
April 2012

Beautiful skyline from the top of The Peak in Hong Kong, April 2012.