Begging Children in Las Flores, Mexico

As we’re crossing the International Bridge between Texas and Mexico we can hear children laughing and carrying on. We can’t see them yet but we can hear them. My daughter Alex and I smile at each other as we know what’s coming. I gently remind her not to give money to the children. Mom even turns and looks at me and reminds me to do the same. We are nearing the end of the bridge and about to enter Mexico when we see a slew of children’s hand’s, hat’s, and smiling faces through the narrow gap’s of the bridge. Who can resist and what do they want?


Sadly, the children and even some parents are begging for money and food. As inhumane as it may seem especially when we are blessed with so much, we are asked not to give money or food. Not to purchase souvenirs from children. In fact, signs are posted everywhere regarding the need to keep children in school and to please not give money or purchase souvenirs from the children.

Alex who can’t stand it and can’t watch the children begging, squats down and starts putting coins in each hat & hand. Little did she know she had started a frenzy as can be heard by the children running to stick out their hands and hat’s through the gaps. Oh Alex! I didn’t react quick enough to snap a shot; but, I bet she’ll never forget the moment.

In one of the pictures you’ll see my mom walking over to an amputee to help fill his cup. I reminded mom of what she had just said when we were crossing the bridge and all she could say was, “callate” which means be quiet. Ha ha

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