Vendor’s in Las Flores, Mexico

Many Mexican border towns are pretty Americanized and Las Flores is no different. However, a key difference is the smells. When we entered Las Flores I could immediately smell the tortillerias making fresh mouth-watering corn tortillas. If you’ve never had tortillas fresh from the maker, your missing out. A kilo of tortillas can be purchased for under $3.00 US dollars (depending on the vendor). You can open the package up, roll the tortilla, & eat it plain just like that. Trust me, they are delicious!

We love to take a kilo of tortillas and eat at the local food vendors. Like in China it’s advised to not drink the water. The food vendors have a variety of tacos they can make, from fish, steak, pork, to goat meat served with a garnish of cabbage and avocado. Yum! On this trip we also enjoyed a glass of fresh fruit garnished with powdered chili and lime including fresh prickly pear cactus.

No wonder I gained 6 lbs on this vacation, ha!

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