Huron County Fair, Michigan, U.S.A


We arrived in July and just in time to enjoy the Huron County Fair in Bad Axe, MI. Every year since moving to Michigan our girls ask to be taken to the fair. This year was no different and it only seemed fitting to take advantage of a good ole’ American pass time. The weather was perfect with clear blue skies. A gorgeous day and a wonderful time!


This year I felt TJ Schmidt & Company had a good selection of rides and age appropriate for many. Perhaps they had the same rides from last year; however, we’ve learned to appreciate things a bit differently now that we have been gone from the U.S. The girls kept riding the rides over and over and didn’t seem to tire of them. So much fun!

The food, the noise, and the smells was a stomach ache waiting to happen from all the goodies that were consumed and tried. The cotton candy, candy apples, and kettle corn popcorn to name a few were among our feast favorites this year. We took a vote and our absolute favorite food item this year was the chili cheese fries with a shake up lemonade. Yup, pure deliciousness!


2 thoughts on “Huron County Fair, Michigan, U.S.A

  1. Alex forced me to go on Favorite Ride #2. I hate rides. The scrambler is as crazy as I’ll get. I hated it. Lol. He laughed the whole time at my screaming.

    • Oh Whitney, poor Alex when you got off the ride. I can just imagine you giving him the, “Whitney what for”. Ha ha… thank you for the laugh my dear friend.

      Miss you bunches!

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