Back to School – Fenhu, China

…. and of course there must be an Arnold Palmer half & half in her hand…

With much excitement, little sleep, and a lot of nerves, my little 14-year-old started school today. She is so excited to be skipping her freshman year and on to her sophomore year at Sino-Canada High. All she could say was, Michigan State I’ll be there earlier. Ha ha

What’s different for this school year? I usually shop, I mean SHOP, for back to school gear. This school year my girls have informed me that they don’t need a lot of clothes. They would like to wear what they have and just buy stuff here as needed. Who are these girls? These are the girls that had to wear the Hollister, American Eagle, A&F, etc.. the girls who had to wear name brands because they thought it was the only way to fit in. Wow!

China has been a good place for us. A place where growth has happened in many different ways. A place that has brought our children and us closer together. A place we call home for now. Life is good!

We are blessed!

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