A Trip Down Memory Lane in Peru, Indiana


One of our favorite pass times is to drive around and visit old stomping grounds. We love to reminisce over the yesteryear’s and share our favorite memories with each other. While on vacation and back in Peru, Indiana, where Mike grew up, we found ourselves driving by one of the houses he used to live in and his dad’s old antique shop.

The house of course doesn’t look the same. It’s run down and weathered. Gone is the bright white paint and clean yard his mamma kept. Gone is the barn with the high hay loft Mike used to jump out of and the car from the early 30’s his dad kept parked in the drive way. Gone is the area where Mike used to break double cola bottles. What remains is a shadow of the place it used to be and the fond memories my husband has of the place.



The Antique Store – Now, there are stories and then there are stories. Elder Mr. Smyth had the upper hand on life experiences and stories. He traveled, wheeled, and dealt some great bargains. He was a cunning man with a soft heart. Nothing ever held enough value and for the right price and just about anything was for sale.

This building too has seen better days. The store used to be white with black trim. The front door was inviting and always open to a sale. As you would walk in the door and to the right was a counter with a show case area to display antiques. My husband remembers the grey cat that would sit at the window sill and hiss and bear its fangs to to anyone passing by. He says the damn thing used to scare the hell out of him. Ha!



3 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane in Peru, Indiana

    • Hi Sayori, thank you for stopping by Still Times. My husband is such a trooper and never minds all my questions. I did, however, keep my word and not add anything too personal. Life is good and full of adventure!

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