Stop the press….. These are not crime scenes!



A few fun shots to show how indicative the Chinese man can sleep in just about any situation or place. The following are just a few of my favorite sleeping shots. A few of these photo’s have been shared before and the new ones are just as interesting. I’ll be sharing the shot’s of the sleeping ladies in a later post.

This man was sleeping in Hongqiao Airport while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Pedicab driver taking a siesta between customers.

Nap time in Shanghai on a very hot summer day.

This picture was taken about 6:30 AM. China summers are some of the worst heats I’ve ever been in. So, the young man sleeping on the park bench is understandable especially in an area where the economy situation drives whether or not you turn on the air conditioner.

This photo was also taken bright and early during a hot summer day in the local park and along our walk way. Not sure if he was passed out or sleeping, perhaps both.

This is my favorite photo on the sleeping bunch. This is a man sleeping in a crane while in motion. We were on our way to Shanghai and on the G50 (I believe) when we passed this crane the first time. I rushed to pull my camera out and got this ONE shot. Quite dangerous I would say and nothing that would be permissible in the states.







Time to shed a tear…

A family favorite and down to the last box! We need a good recipe to make something similar with local product’s. I’ve not purchased Shells & Cheese in a couple of weeks as the last time we were in CityShop my daughters managed to sneak in about 4 packages. Hmmm… to put this into perspective 42 RMB / 6.25 = 6.72 a box X 4 boxes = $26.88 USD for 4 boxes of basically mac & cheese. Ummmm no…

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a couple of Velveeta cheese blocks!

The Ancient Qibao, Shanghai, China

We took a quick tour around the ancient town of Qibao located in the Shanghai district. Whether a water town or not, we could definitely see a bit of the old China within its protective walls. As you start to walk along the narrow and small streets/alley’s you start to smell the different aroma’s of food cooking. For us, the now familiar odors associated with some local food such as stinky tofu & steamed buns. I won’t say that the smells were mouth-watering, no, not even a bit. While they weren’t awful they were just a tad different with the exception of stinky tofu which is indescribably horrid. For being a Monday morning, this little area of Qibao was quite busy.

These quail eggs are cooked in this salt dome and are said to be quite tasty. Once the egg is pealed the egg texture is that of a hard boiled egg.

This is called beggars chicken. The chicken is stuffed, wrapped tightly in bamboo leaves and then covered in clay before cooking. Ready to try one?


Decorative steamed buns. The bunny almost looks like a hard boiled egg.

Beautiful lady handling our Gondola ride.

One of the many narrow streets full of vendors and restaurants.





Recycling at the end of the day… Luxu, China

At the end of the day these bikes can be seen collecting cardboard and plastic around our area and neighboring businesses. Two thumbs up for their effort!

These snap shot’s were taken with an iPhone 4s at 5:45 PM. 

City may sue developer who spent $20,000 to remove 40 tons of trash from vacant lot | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News

Ori Feibush gets his hands slapped for doing something the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authorities should have taken care of. Hmmmm how would we react with 40 tons of trash in our neighborhood?

City may sue developer who spent $20,000 to remove 40 tons of trash from vacant lot | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.