Hongmei Rd., Shanghai, China

The girls and I decided to venture out on our own and explore one of our favorites streets in Shanghai. If I had to pick an area of Shanghai to live in, I would most definitely chose Hongmei Rd. This busy street and area offers a little of everything and enough to wet your appetite and hunger for more. This road is not unfamiliar to us as we visit quite often; however, most visits are rushed and on a time schedule. Saturday, we decided to take our time, stroll the streets, and visit the many little boutique shops available.

The smartest most economical way to travel in Shanghai is by taking the subway. It’s all a matter of comfort and what each one of us prefers, I prefer a taxi. I’d rather pay the taxi fare than be pushed and shoved while boarding and un-boarding the subway. The pushing and shoving, wow, a topic all on its own. On a positive note, the Honggiao Airport is quite easy to get around in and the very best part of it, every Chinese sign has an English sub-line. Yay!

One of our favorite areas off of Hongmei Rd., is Laowai Jie. Laowai Jie is a famous foreigners cuisine paradise. There are many different types of restaurant representing over 12 counties on this street including Indian, German, Italian, and even a Mexican restaurant. Our favorite restaurant on this busy street is Amy’s a German type restaurant with some of the best peanut chicken we’ve tasted.

There is so much to do and so many places to go while traveling to and visiting Shanghai. Our next destination Huahai Road.

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