Instruction Manual for Raising Teen’s

More and more I find myself closing my eyes and taking deep breaths. Since counting to ten no longer works, I  find myself holding my breath as I try to calm down. It seems that I need an instruction manual for raising teens. Mind you I had teens that are now young adults, wonderful young adults at that. The two remaining young ladies are respectively 12 & 14 going on 20 & 25 with the youngest being the spoke person for both.

I believe I need an instruction manual of some kind with these young ladies. If I didn’t know better I would venture to say they are mind readers or telepathic. Communicating with each other through silence and looks. Giggling and saying to one another, I know right, when I know for a fact nothing was said. These are my two darling angels who love being with mommy. Ha! Not, it used to be that way, but not any more.

These day’s I find my daughter’s vocabulary has diminished to a few short words. For example, do you have homework? Nope. Do you have any reviewing to do? Nope. How was school? Fine. Did you meet anyone knew? Nope. Did you eat lunch? Yes. Then I wait for her to expand on what she had for lunch. Silly me, of course she’s not going to elaborate. So I ask, What did you have for lunch? Stuff. What kind of stuff? Oh you know the usual a Coke & brownie. My 12-year-old has not started her online lessons as they are not loaded yet. So rather than waste the day I’m having her work on spelling words and reading, reviewing some math & social studies and let’s not forget the all time favorite science. Along with reviewing for the new school year I get to hear the all time whining favorite words, “but mooooommmmgggg”. Somehow she adds a hard g at the end of mom to get my attention. Oh good grief!

According to my girls I don’t really know very much. I don’t know what type of clothes kids like, I definitely don’t know what type of shoes kids wear, & I don’t know what kind of food kids like, the best one yet, I listen to old school music. Seriously? Yes, I’m told I listen to old people music. What can I say, I love oldies!

If the clothes they want, leaves little to the imagination, then it’s not allowed. If they are going to flop around in their shoes, then they are not allowed. If eating junk food for lunch is eating healthy, then they have another thing coming. Little do these young ladies know that they eat vegetables just about every day, they may not see them but they are there. Thank God someone invented the blender! Oh and yes, I lied to my children when they were younger. I was one of those horrid mothers that lied to her children to get them to eat. Trust me, they are not traumatized. I told them they were eating chicken sticks instead of fish sticks, I told them they were eating watermelon instead of melon, I told them beanie weenies were very different from just beans, I told them my mashed potatoes was the same recipe from KFC, and best of all, that my chicken nuggets were the same ones from McDonald. Ha! It’s the only way they would eat.

I know this post sounds a little whiny of sorts. It’s not. I’m only sharing the love of raising teens, the compassion it takes, the love and nurturing that needs to take place to raise healthy young ladies. We may be pretty strict with the type of movies, music, books, and social media sites we allow; but, we do let them express themselves freely. There has to be boundaries, perimeters, & guidelines along the way. They may not like them but they appreciate them (I’m just sure of it).

We’ve decided to make a few changes in our home including time limits for computers, Kindle, Nook, hand-held devices, & phones. The phone we will keep on for communication purposes but not for gaming purposes. Perhaps the biggest change will be for us the parents as sometimes the only silence we hear from bickering are the gadgets mentioned above. It’s a win win situation, right? More to come.

3 thoughts on “Instruction Manual for Raising Teen’s

  1. I so enjoy this, Maria! It gives me something to look forward to, right? Corey and I were just wondering the other day what sort of things our kids were going to want to do that we would cringe at. I don’t even want to think about it! I just look at her gummy smile and know that this bliss of not talking back won’t last forever! 🙂

    • I had to chuckle at your comment especially the one about not talking back. The girls can get quite sassy at times but never to an extreme. I didn’t mention the screaming music they try to justify by saying it’s a Christian band, or the need to wear ALL the bracelets they own at the same time and on the same arm. Oh there is so much I could share. I’m thankful we are past the eye rolling stage. Whew! One of us was not going to make it through that one. Even with all the times I’ve wanted nothing better than to give them one good lick with the belt, or lock them in their room, I can say these girls, our girls are great! Enjoy and cherish the moments with your daughter. You’ll find yourself wondering where the time went soon enough….

  2. After reading this, it took me back to the time, my children we’re at this stage. Heard a speaker once say, when kids reach this age, you become instantly stupid!!! Yep – you went to bed one night, and your brain’s leaked out… 🙂 so check your pillow – but never fear, there will be a day, when you become smart again – and by some great feat – your brains crawl back in!!! There’s just the time frame from here to there…. You do have great girls – enjoy them, and the eye rolling is exercise – Ha!!! Love you – Miss you…….

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