Made in _____ ?

I am by no means saying the picture below is a small sweatshop. It could very well be a legitimate sewing shop trying, like everyone else, to make a living and employ employees at a fair wage. When I see the label, “Made in _____”,  a foreign country, I do have to wonder where my clothes are really made at. It’s obvious from the picture that this shop is making clothing. I’ll admit my curiosity is peaked and only wish I could return for a closer look.

This might sound like a ridiculous thought; but, the NAIS  requires some farm animals to be tagged to identify where they are coming from among other things. Should clothing have a label identifying not only the country of origin; but, maybe an address of the location where the clothing is being made? Who is making your clothes?

I took this picture with a small hand-held camera (Nikon AW100) as we were passing by for the second time on a Sunday walk. It was a quick random & no aim shot!

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