San Antonio, Texas U.S.A

One of the best vacation’s we’ve taken was a visit to my family home, The Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Among many small side trips was one special trip to San Antonio, Texas.My husband who is a huge Elmer Kelton fan (a western novelist from Texas) had San Antonio on his bucket list of places to visit.

The book, “Son’s of Texas”, was very well written by Elmer Kelton and an inspirational for my husband. So, on this glorious day we visited The Alamo and The San Antonio River Walk. The Alamo was somewhat of an emotional stop as we read the names and places of origin for some of the volunteers who gave their life for Texas. We were able to tour the well guarded and protected Mission House including a very informative museum.

At the edge of The River Walk, we spotted, “The Torch of Friendship“.

The “Torch of Friendship” was given to San Antonio by the Mexican Consulate as a sign of friendship and to represent the roots many Texans share with Mexico. It was commissioned to commemorate the relationship between the United States and Mexico and the two countries’ increasing commercial ties.

The beautiful Emily Morgan Hotel.

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Located on the outskirts of The River Walk.

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