The Humanity Initiative | Encouraging people to understand this planet as our common home.

Today while shopping at the local grocery store I encountered a situation and I didn’t know how to help. The language barrier continues to be a real problem for me as I can not communicate any other way besides pointing, grunting, & playing charades.

An older gentleman (quite older) using a cane was at the top of the escalator. I could tell he was unsure of how to get on the escalator. His fear or apprehension increasing as young people were pushing their way through. He kept stepping out-of-the-way allowing others to go before him while he watched their feet as they got on for the ride down. I offered my cart and motioned for him to hang on so I could help him and he waved me off. I understand, he doesn’t know me and I’m a foreigner. I left my cart and walked over to the isle where a young man was working. I motioned for him to help him on to the escalator; but, once again I was not understood. It was quite obvious to me what needed to be done. My frustration level escalated to a new high when I saw this older gentleman with a cane take the stairs.

As I sit here stewing, I happen to Google the word humanity and came to the following website. Great articles! Thought I would share just in case you need a little dose of, “pick me up”.

The Humanity Initiative | Encouraging people to understand this planet as our common home..

2 thoughts on “The Humanity Initiative | Encouraging people to understand this planet as our common home.

  1. Maybe no one wanted to help him . There is that crowd mentality of just watch and don’
    t stick your neck out found here. A few years back there were some cases with people trying to help old folk , the old folk faked falling , and then sued the hell out of the person trying to help. Crazy stuff.

  2. We are bombarded everyday with choices,small ones, big ones. Some affect our lives and some that affect others. Being a man of somewhat questioning faith I am faced with how should I respond in situations of a similar ilk, for me it has always boiled down to this, it is not how that person and his/her circumstances will respond to me but how I respond to him/her in that persons circumstance. Certainly I have failed more times than not, but we should always ” think more highly of others than we do ourselves”.

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