Atrocious driving in this rural community, Luxu, China

I rarely post something that can be taken negatively. In fact I don’t like negativity as it’s wearing on the mind and soul. However, there is nothing positive to say when it comes to the driving conditions in this small rural community. Folks, this is live entertainment if you dare to stand on the side of the road and watch.

Traffic signals are obeyed somewhat, turn signals are optional, helmets are optional for moped drivers, looking left or right while pulling into traffic is rarely done. Driving on the wrong lane, middle of the lane, or the median lane are perfectly acceptable. Honking your horn as your driving, tossing your trash out the window, smoking with children in the car, and driving with the AC off is perfectly normal. Slamming on your brakes and or stopping at the last-minute and pressing on the gas pedal up and down while driving is the norm. Mild upper neck vertebra soreness is experienced constantly. U turns are done everywhere; but, the classic U-Turn I was a part of was when our driver Charles made a U-Turn in the middle of the busy street on The Bund with a bus. Classic!

On a hot sunny and hazy Sunday, Mike and I ventured out on a long morning walk. I had mentioned to Mike that I wanted to get a few shots of the crazy driving that goes on in this community. The following are a few snap shots taken with a Nikon AW 100 camera. Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Atrocious driving in this rural community, Luxu, China

  1. Ha Ha!!!! Nothing like it anywhere I know. Life is delightfully dull at home on the roads here, but miss the gasps, I used to do, think my heart was jump-started!!!!

    • The girls and I visited XiTong yesterday and the taxi had to squeeze through two cement boulders. He did it and even said that it was no problem, ha ha. Good visit and great little location. I’ll be posting some pics soon.

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