Time to shed a tear…

A family favorite and down to the last box! We need a good recipe to make something similar with local product’s. I’ve not purchased Shells & Cheese in a couple of weeks as the last time we were in CityShop my daughters managed to sneak in about 4 packages. Hmmm… to put this into perspective 42 RMB / 6.25 = 6.72 a box X 4 boxes = $26.88 USD for 4 boxes of basically mac & cheese. Ummmm no…

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a couple of Velveeta cheese blocks!

3 thoughts on “Time to shed a tear…

  1. Ah yes , the famous City Shop sticker shock. I can’t believe some of the stuff there costs so much! A good tip is to scope out the expiring soon section . They usually have buy one get one free , that’s how I got my pop-tarts which I’ve been enjoying this week!

    • I agree; however, the last time I purchased some taco shells on the discounted rack turned out to be a great disappointment, the shells were stale. Great place to buy western food when the craving gets to be too much. Your right that you’ll pay the price.

      • Ouch , little worse than paying premium for stale products. Which one do you go to? Fortunately for me , the newest one just opened at Dapuqiao metro station , my station! It’s good to buy meat / western products there and veggies at the Tianzifang Wet Market.

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