Stop the press….. These are not crime scenes!



A few fun shots to show how indicative the Chinese man can sleep in just about any situation or place. The following are just a few of my favorite sleeping shots. A few of these photo’s have been shared before and the new ones are just as interesting. I’ll be sharing the shot’s of the sleeping ladies in a later post.

This man was sleeping in Hongqiao Airport while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Pedicab driver taking a siesta between customers.

Nap time in Shanghai on a very hot summer day.

This picture was taken about 6:30 AM. China summers are some of the worst heats I’ve ever been in. So, the young man sleeping on the park bench is understandable especially in an area where the economy situation drives whether or not you turn on the air conditioner.

This photo was also taken bright and early during a hot summer day in the local park and along our walk way. Not sure if he was passed out or sleeping, perhaps both.

This is my favorite photo on the sleeping bunch. This is a man sleeping in a crane while in motion. We were on our way to Shanghai and on the G50 (I believe) when we passed this crane the first time. I rushed to pull my camera out and got this ONE shot. Quite dangerous I would say and nothing that would be permissible in the states.







2 thoughts on “Stop the press….. These are not crime scenes!

  1. This is absolutely hilarious! Koreans are unashamed to sleep anywhere as well…probably half the time it’s from passing out due to Soju…but it still make for a funny picture! I look forward to seeing your post about sleeping women. 🙂 Haha!

    • My last comment disappeared. I’ll try to post the women sleepers soon as those are good too, not as funny, but good none the less. I find the culture here to be so different. Not bad, it’s just not something we are used to. One thing that has me truly confused is how children are all bundled up (now that the weather has gotten cooler) and yet they are not wearing a diaper or undies under their split pants. So, buttocks and genitalia is somewhat exposed. I have to try and find a way to talk to one of the mom’s which I’ll do soon. I’ll update on that as well.

      Thanks for stopping by, the like, & the follow.


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