Sweets and Art – Zhou Zhuang, China

Yesterday, (Sunday) October 7th was the last day of the 63rd Anniversary founding of The Peoples Republic of China. Zhou Zhuang water town was busy with tourists and locals as the National Holiday was nearing its end. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting numerous water towns, you know, the small trips don’t seem to get old for me. There’s something new to learn, see, and appreciate with each visit and each water town.

Before entering the gates to the town we saw various booths displaying some sweet  and artistic crafts, from cooking to dancing. The pictures below are just a few shots taken with my Mike’s iPhone.

Side Note: It’s a good idea to charge your camera battery as soon as you are home from an outing; otherwise, you end up with a one bar battery that doesn’t go far. Hence why I used Mike’s iPhone. Also, a second battery is a must. Of course it will help if you don’t forget to keep the second one charged as well. ::sigh:: lessons learned.

This artist was making animal designs with what appears to be caramel. Very artistic with a ladle and candy.

It was fun to watch as he demonstrated how he was making his design. The candy art was free hand and was made with a ladle and dowel. Pretty neat to watch!

This artist was making animal figures with a clay substance. I couldn’t figure out what kind of clay he was using and certainly couldn’t ask; but, the clay seemed very pliable. I wondered if it was possible he was using something like Kato or Cernit type of clay. Also, he was using some kind of aerosol spray to help the drying process. Ok, I have to laugh, I don’t have any real details of what type of clay and spray he was using. The point is he was very artistic and quick. He was working on a rabbit as we were standing there. Pretty neat to watch it all come together. 

Really pretty dance routine with music coming from the ornate items they were holding. Of course the dance was lovelier as you could clearly see pleasure on the ladies faces as they were dancing. The smiles, contagious! 

Taking a break from all the dancing. It’s so much fun to watch cultured richness live and in person. 







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