There’s no Jiffy in my cream corn casserole….

I’ve mentioned before that cooking in China can at times pose challenges & frustrations. Some of our Western ingredients are not readily accessible or even available. Jumping in my car and making a mad dash for the grocery store is just not an option for us.


So, on Tuesday I decided to make Chili for the guys. I don’t know what all goes with your chili; but, in my house chili is just not chili if we don’t have cornbread or some kind of corn casserole to go with it. The cornmeal we find in this lovely rural area is a bit coarse and not at all conducive for cornbread (well at least I don’t think so). I personally think that the cornmeal we find here is more suited for chicken feed, but anyway that’s a different post. On to my bright and successful idea.

I purchased some chicken feed I mean cornmeal and decided to throw it in the blender. Of course because it was a bit more coarse I had to scale back the amount of cornmeal I was putting in the blender. This worked but it was still a slightly coarser than what I like. So I decided to put the juicer part of the blender in. It worked! The juicer part ground up the cornmeal into a smaller cornmeal suitable for cornbread or a casserole. I was pretty hyped.

I decided to make a 5 ingredient Jiffy Corn Casserole but without the Jiffy. We can’t get Jiffy here either. ::sigh:: On to surf the net for a clone recipe I went, voila! I found one and it was easy enough to try.

Maria’s spicy chili and corn casserole was being prepared for those amazingly hard-working men that work with my husband.


3 thoughts on “There’s no Jiffy in my cream corn casserole….

    • Thank you for stopping by. I’ve prepared extra Jiffy mix for some corn fritters this weekend, stay tuned, I’ll have to post the results of those. 🙂 Maria

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