Eclecticness in Zhou Zhuang Water Town, China

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Zhou Zhuang Water Town multiple times. There is always something new to see and admire and something new to share. On this trip to Zhou Zhuang we wanted to try a little place that we’ve seen before but had never stopped to enjoy.

The name to the establishment is intriguing, “Lost Horizon Hieroglyph”, catchy name heh? The word hieroglyph means – A stylized picture of an object representing a word, syllable, or sound, as found in ancient Egyptian and other writing systems. The first word that came to mind as we walked in was, “eclectic”. The strong smell of jasmine incense burning, with an array of different drums mixed into the decor and soft jazz music playing in the background was indeed eclectic.  There were different seating areas and a mini bar at the entrance with a bamboo walkways throughout the establishment.

The pride wall (I call these pride walls) displayed a framed newspaper clipping of Chairman Mao Zedong dated 10.1.1960. A bus tickets, pictures, beaded jewelry, & other mementos completed the decor surrounding the framed clipping. The window view overlooking the water and the small water fall feature nearby added to the mood and ambiance of the place. A very quaint and nostalgic place to visit.

You’ve got to admit that the name is quite catchy and intriguing. Made me wonder what the place was all about.

The biggest wall in the place with odd’s and end’s throughout the shelves. The beer is for sale.

The little table nestled in the corner was the best seating of the house. Very quaint place and again very eclectic.

This is Mike’s sticker shock expression. The quaint eclectic establishment came with a price. The Heineken was 35 RMB. gotcha! He only had one.




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