Subway in Shanghai – Shanghai, China

One of the economical way’s to travel through out Shanghai is by metro/subway. The metro system is pretty easy to navigate, it’s clean, it’s inexpensive, & the language is both in English & Chinese. A day pass is 18 RMB which is roughly $4.15 USD. The weekends tend to be a bit crowded yet manageable. An important note for parents with children – the restroom facilities are not as dismal as the scent would lead you to believe.

Ticket booth – For the most part we’ve become pretty good at navigating the subway and the different hubs. There is also a vending machine where tickets can be purchased.

Waiting to board – the whole metro system is pretty efficient and timely.

Boarding and exiting the metro can pose a challenge all on its own. You are likely to experience aggression in the form of pushing and shoving and an unexplainable sense of urgency.

Look around and you’ll see the generational differences. The young can be seen with ear buds & electronic gadgets while the elder’s sit and observe.

Just like boarding, the exit can also be quite challenging.  Notice the ear buds?

To get to Shanghai, we have to take a 45 – 50 minute ride on the bus to the Hong Qiao rail station. As you can see the bus is quite cozy. Ha! I know this sounds crazy, but I believe the seats are slightly smaller than the ones in the U.S. I’m sure they are standard seats but they do seem a bit narrow.


3 thoughts on “Subway in Shanghai – Shanghai, China

    • We’ve been here 8 months and I can tell you that we are in a constant state of amazement. The one thing that has become very clear is how we’ve take for granted the life that we have in Michigan.

      • In a comparative or regret sense? One thing I actually just noticed is the rail guards on the platform. What an amazing idea. Hard to see that in North America.

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