Vienna Cafe French Concession, Shanghai China

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to visit the French Concession in Shanghai. This past weekend we decided to take a Sunday walk in the area. Armed with some printed information, kids & two great friends we easily found a great little stop. Vienna Cafe is a small jewel of a cafe located on Shaoxing Lu in the French Concession of Shanghai China. The cafe is small in size and large in ambiance. Serving scrumptious Viennese delicacies such as the Sacher Torte, Apfelstrudel, & Kaiserschmarrn. Breakfast was nice and reasonably priced. The scrambled eggs with cheese and ham was cooked just right, “fluffy” and my Cafe Latte was perfect.

Seating arrangements were a bit tight but not uncomfortable. The back room was light and airy with wrought iron work covering the windows. The art work/picture on the wall just didn’t seem to be a part of the atmosphere; but, the furnishings more than made up for it.

As Americans, every now and then we need a dose of something none Chinese. While the price of breakfast could have been lower elsewhere it was worth every RMB to us to have something resembling, a morsel if you will, of home. I know it was a Viennese establishment; but, it was as close enough to that American feeling as we were going to get. Cheers!

A great little place to have breakfast and a latte at a reasonable price.

Sunday brunch starts at 10:00

Artwork on the wall – not sure how it tied in with the atmosphere and just looked out-of-place.




2 thoughts on “Vienna Cafe French Concession, Shanghai China

  1. Right by my house! I pass it everyday on my daily jog. Stopped by one time for what I thought would be a hearty bratwurst and instead got a heated supermarket hot dog. Like with many Western dishes in Shanghai, I was let down. The coffee is good though. Shaoxing Lu is beautiful. One of my favorite in Shanghai. I quite like Manne et Sante for great breads and pastries!

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