The Taxi Ride


The Taxi Ride

A quick run to the grocery store was led by quite an adventure in a Taxi. With no taxi in sight I had to take one of these guys. I usually show the driver my TESCO card as an instruction tool of where I need to go. Well, I must have held the card upside down because this guy took me for a ride. After a few taps on the shoulder and pointing motions he got me to TESCO, the grocery store. Only my snip it of a story doesn’t end there. Once I paid him and went inside I chuckled as I should have just walked and I thought that was the last I would see of him. Not so. Once I checked out I saw him standing by the exit area of the store next to a store employee. He was smiling and I knew this poor old man had been waiting for me. So, he grabs my bags out of my hands and leads me to where he’s parked. He received a few comments from some of the other drivers waiting in line for the next customer. I felt like I was in a show and tell project. So with smiles and waves he loads my bags, gets in, and is looking at me to tell him where to go. Ha ha… so the whole distracting the driver, pointing, and making grunting noises begin again. Distracting the driver is not a good thing because the drivers tend to turn their head for as long as you are trying to explain. Oh what joy! I can chuckle about it now but I was a bit peeved at myself for forgetting my phone and my addressed card. Don’t leave home without it takes on a whole new meaning….lol.

Wrigley Square – The Bean – Chicago, IL

Have you ever been to Wrigley Square in Chicago and visited The Bean? The Bean is a giant bean shaped piece of Art. The actual name is Cloud Gate designed by a British artist  Anish Kapoor. It’s located in the park area off of Wrigley Square. The reflections off of the bean are amazing and the photo opportunities are fantastic!

Side view of The Bean. Lot’s of photo opportunities!

Standing right in the center under the bean and looking up.

Look at the amazing reflection from across the street!

A quick snap shot of the family taken by fellow tourist from Taiwan. Great times.





Those Shoes – Chicago, IL


Those Shoes - Chicago, IL

An abandoned pair of shoes by the bridge found on the way to Millennium Park. Abandoned or forgotten? Left behind. Who’s were they and why were they left there?

The beautiful city I fell in love with had a flaw. An unbelievable amount of homeless (supposedly) and beggars line the streets in one of the most posh areas of Chicago. We saw a few families tucked together in alcoves to keep warm, men who said they were veterans, women in tattered clothing, and a couple with a tin can and a sign asking for food.

It’s hard to believe that we have so many people living on the streets. Even while in a recession, help is available for the asking and prosperity on all levels is yours if you want it.

Perhaps my views on life have changed while living here in China where I have seen first hand the hard work and efforts of so many. The extenuating circumstances, trials & tribulations and the successes and joys.

My husband likes to make lessons when ever possible for our 12 & 14 year old girls. He says, it’s not what they do with the money we donate that matters, what matters is that we give with a giving and joyful heart.

A daily pleasure


A daily pleasure

I felt inspired to post a photo of a simple pleasure, simplicity at it’s best, a block of time where we take time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I believe I captured that in this quick shot. This picture was taken in the old part of town in Luxu, China. The foot traffic is not very heavy in this part of town; however, the little canal town is full of culture.

Sleep deprived girls – Chicago, IL

Staying up late the evening before departure, getting up early the day of departure, a 14 hour flight with little to no sleep, & the excitement of reuniting with our college kids is enough for an adult to be worn out. Our younger two girls take worn out to a whole other playing field. During our trip, the girls managed to fall asleep everywhere you can think of but the hotel. As mom, I really did feel pretty bad for the girls; but, when we would ask if they would like to stay in for the day or for a couple of hours, the answer was always, “no”. So, onward we went to full 10-12 hours of shopping and sight-seeing. Oh yes, we are worn out even while getting a full night’s sleep!

Sleeping in the furniture section of Crate & Barrel.

Sleeping at the restaurant. What you don’t see is Mari half hanging off the bench.

Monica – sleeping in Gino’s Pizzeria. One minute she’s a part of the conversation and the next her head is down.

The girls fell asleep in Victoria Secret.

My poor husband, after the 3rd straight day of walking for 12 hours he had to take a nap at 2:00 in the afternoon. Wore out!

I was not able to get my camera out fast enough to capture the girls sleeping at Barnes and Noble & Starbucks. ::snap::





Art or Graffiti – Chicago, IL

What would you call spray paint on a viaduct wall or on any wall? Under Lake Shore Drive and near the Navy Pier, the viaduct has been taken over with an artistic display of graffiti-like art. The mural was created by Gajin Fujita a Japanese American artist native of Los Angeles. A great display of graffiti, Asian motif, & local sports. The murals are part of Chicago’s 2012 BigArt free public celebration of outdoor arts.


Can you see the Asian feel to this piece?

ChiTown art

Of all the pieces this one is my favorite. I love how it’s all tied together.