Cha-ching at the grocery store – China

…… continuation of the pricey discussion we were having a while back. A visit to the supermarket whether it’s at TESCO or CityShop, I can bet my empty wallet the cash register sings with angelic voices every time one of my items goes by. Cha-ching! There’s a misconception on the cost of food and various other items. Groceries are expensive, well groceries like ours are expensive. What I mean is that while we do shop at the local market, we tend to purchase those comfort items and name brands as we would find in the states. I had said, I would no longer purchase Mac & Cheese. However, the pout and whine from my 12 year old beats me down every time. I mean, we’re away from the comforts of home, so why not keep some things the same, right? I know I probably shouldn’t but even I have a certain weakness for my all time favorite hot cereal, Muesli. Take a peak, what do you think? Are we crazy for giving in and buying not only into the hype of having such items but into the, “must have western product”?

When converting to USD prices we gauge price by dividing by 6.25 (exchange average rate). We’ve been here 8 months and I can’t seem to stop converting prices in my mind.


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