Lane 210 Taikang Road, Shanghai China

Part of our walking tour of the French Concession led us through a maze of alleys & lanes full of little shops, cafe’s, and artisan studios located throughout Lane 210 Taikang Road. The area shops are nestled in older style brick architectural buildings with modernized store fronts and fixtures. Space is not wasted in the least. Even the tiniest of spaces houses a boutique of some sort. It’s a refreshing area and you’ll enjoy the tree-lined roads from the South Shaanxi Rd. metro station to the French Concession area. While there is traffic, it is pretty limited compared to other busy areas in Shanghai. This 90 minute walking tour is a great way to enjoy the little nooks & crannies the area has to offer in Shanghai.

2 thoughts on “Lane 210 Taikang Road, Shanghai China

  1. Nice! Great blog, I’m returning back to WordPress after a long time of being quite scarce, so I’m mingling around. What’s your opinion of the idea that “there is no wasted space”? And while traveling in China, what are some pros and cons that you’ve experienced in such a space?

    • Thank you! My thoughts on, “there is no wasted space”, is based on what we have learned and seen so far. There is such a dense population here people can’t really afford to waste space. A fine example is, in our apartment complex there are many 2 & 3 bedroom apartments that house multiple family members and roommates. Families have family members living with them to help reduce the living expenses. Also, we see little gardens everywhere even under bridges and along some of the side roads. If there’s space it’s put to good use.

      Cons – Whether shopping in the local grocery stores, markets, restaurants, or just walking in the park, there are people everywhere. We live in a rural area and our little town is actually a village; however, there are over 250,000 people in this small community. We are elbow to elbow and it’s constant.

      I’ll have to think of some pro’s and get back to you. The culture is a bit different but at the same time the people are wonderful and very accepting of us foreigners here. We’ve been here 8 months and in this short time, I can tell you without a doubt that we have changed. This has been a very humbling experience for us. A life long lesson to be exact.

      We are blessed!

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