VIP treatment @ Ginos East – Chicago, IL

We arrived in Chicago the evening of November 10th. Our kids had been waiting patiently at the hotel and of course everyone was hungry. Where does one eat on a Saturday night, dinner time, & down town Chicago? Of course it has to be Ginos East Pizzeria on East Superior Street. Yes! The most delicious pizza one can find in Chicago filled with the most scrumptious sauce and tons of cheese! The best part was the VIP ticket we had to avoid the long line of dinner guests compliments of our hotel. It was a bit brisk and I felt just a smidgen guilty for by-passing the long line of guests and heading straight in. Ok, not really, in fact I felt kind of special. Folks, this pizzeria was fantastic and a must visit if you’re in the Chicago neighborhood.

At Ginos East Pizzeria in Chicago. A fabulous time with the family and the best pizza ever! This picture was taken 2.5 hours after a 14 hour flight. 

Our son Taylor with his wife Courtney and our three daughters, Alex, Mari, & Monica.

As we were getting ready to leave I asked these two gorgeous men of mine to pose… not often I get them to cooperate so this was great!

Pizza – yes, the American food we were all craving and one of the first meals we wanted to have. I’d say we scored with this one, so delicious!!

The servers at the restaurant hand out sharpies to write your name on the wall. As you can see Alex is really concentrating on what she’s writing.

Still at it, wonder what she was writing…

They also enjoyed writing on the wall, Mari even commented on how she would have never been able to do this when she was young. Ha!

Our pair of 21 year old kids, Taylor & Alex, holding and helping Courtney (our son’s wife) write on the perfect spot high up on the wall. Ha ha…

No chair needed here…lol…










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