Sleep deprived girls – Chicago, IL

Staying up late the evening before departure, getting up early the day of departure, a 14 hour flight with little to no sleep, & the excitement of reuniting with our college kids is enough for an adult to be worn out. Our younger two girls take worn out to a whole other playing field. During our trip, the girls managed to fall asleep everywhere you can think of but the hotel. As mom, I really did feel pretty bad for the girls; but, when we would ask if they would like to stay in for the day or for a couple of hours, the answer was always, “no”. So, onward we went to full 10-12 hours of shopping and sight-seeing. Oh yes, we are worn out even while getting a full night’s sleep!

Sleeping in the furniture section of Crate & Barrel.

Sleeping at the restaurant. What you don’t see is Mari half hanging off the bench.

Monica – sleeping in Gino’s Pizzeria. One minute she’s a part of the conversation and the next her head is down.

The girls fell asleep in Victoria Secret.

My poor husband, after the 3rd straight day of walking for 12 hours he had to take a nap at 2:00 in the afternoon. Wore out!

I was not able to get my camera out fast enough to capture the girls sleeping at Barnes and Noble & Starbucks. ::snap::





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