Architecture in Chicago by Maria Smyth

Love the skyline and the different architectural elements found in Chicago. This is truly a magnificent city full of life!

My favorite picture!

7 thoughts on “Architecture in Chicago by Maria Smyth

    • Ha ha that’s what I said too but I think I would miss having a lawn. Chicago is just beautiful with some of the best piano and blues bars available. They also have beautiful museums and the city as a whole is big in the Arts. It’s a rich city full of life and culture.


  1. Gorgeous! Did you use any sort of wide angle lens on these?! They’re beautiful. I have been to Chicago twice, but at a younger age. I guess I was not old enough to appreciate the architectural beauty!

    • Hi there, I pretty much use my standard every day lens. I use the Nikon D5100 with the AF-S 18-55 lense it’s pretty versatile.

      I loved Chicago and especially that we got to spend it with our two college kids, always a plus!

      Hope all is well!

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