Those Shoes – Chicago, IL

Those Shoes - Chicago, IL

An abandoned pair of shoes by the bridge found on the way to Millennium Park. Abandoned or forgotten? Left behind. Who’s were they and why were they left there?

The beautiful city I fell in love with had a flaw. An unbelievable amount of homeless (supposedly) and beggars line the streets in one of the most posh areas of Chicago. We saw a few families tucked together in alcoves to keep warm, men who said they were veterans, women in tattered clothing, and a couple with a tin can and a sign asking for food.

It’s hard to believe that we have so many people living on the streets. Even while in a recession, help is available for the asking and prosperity on all levels is yours if you want it.

Perhaps my views on life have changed while living here in China where I have seen first hand the hard work and efforts of so many. The extenuating circumstances, trials & tribulations and the successes and joys.

My husband likes to make lessons when ever possible for our 12 & 14 year old girls. He says, it’s not what they do with the money we donate that matters, what matters is that we give with a giving and joyful heart.

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