The Taxi Ride

The Taxi Ride

A quick run to the grocery store was led by quite an adventure in a Taxi. With no taxi in sight I had to take one of these guys. I usually show the driver my TESCO card as an instruction tool of where I need to go. Well, I must have held the card upside down because this guy took me for a ride. After a few taps on the shoulder and pointing motions he got me to TESCO, the grocery store. Only my snip it of a story doesn’t end there. Once I paid him and went inside I chuckled as I should have just walked and I thought that was the last I would see of him. Not so. Once I checked out I saw him standing by the exit area of the store next to a store employee. He was smiling and I knew this poor old man had been waiting for me. So, he grabs my bags out of my hands and leads me to where he’s parked. He received a few comments from some of the other drivers waiting in line for the next customer. I felt like I was in a show and tell project. So with smiles and waves he loads my bags, gets in, and is looking at me to tell him where to go. Ha ha… so the whole distracting the driver, pointing, and making grunting noises begin again. Distracting the driver is not a good thing because the drivers tend to turn their head for as long as you are trying to explain. Oh what joy! I can chuckle about it now but I was a bit peeved at myself for forgetting my phone and my addressed card. Don’t leave home without it takes on a whole new meaning….lol.

5 thoughts on “The Taxi Ride

    • Hi there,
      There is no starting fee since they are illegal. The cabbie’s can charge anywhere from 5 – 10 RMB. Not bad and on a rainy day its worth every penny of 10 RMB that they may ask for.

      • How much do the legal ones start for? When I lived in a tiny village type area I remember the taxi’s started at 3rmb on the meter! Now I’ve watched Shanghai go from 12 to 14 over the past 2 years.

      • The meter starts at 4 RMB which is still not bad and a ride to like the grocery store is usually 10 RMB. However, they usually don’t run the meter unless you ask them for a receipt in which case they grumble a bit but comply with our request.

        Do you use the city bus much? We used the city bus once from Tong Li (about 45 minutes from here) that was a night mare. We were packed in tight in the middle of the hot summer, yuck! Same thing in Beijing, pack them in tight is more than likely the acceptable occupancy level. ha ha


      • Nice with the taxi rates! I used to use the bus more at my last apartment. Sometimes I will hop on though. For all my daily needs I can either walk or hop on the metro. I have a City Shop and massive shopping complex with tons of restaurants right down the street so I’m good to go!

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