Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

This week’s photo challenge is reflection(s). Loving this week’s challenge. I’m using 2 photo’s that I’ve previously posted and a few new ones.

A mirror image of beauty and perfection, how fun is that!

At The Bean in Chicago with our 3 daughters and my daughter in law.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

    • Thank you and glad you’ve enjoyed the pics. How is your Christmas decoration coming along and are you all done?
      I finally found some stockings in a local grocery store of all places.

      Something fun to share: We are teaching our Chinese friends some Christmas carols. I giggle at all the accents that will be singing. Should be loads of fun and will try to take a video to share. Stay tuned.


      • Its coming along…thanks for asking! I have to make most of my decorations by hand…and I’m pretty detail oriented when it comes making things, so it takes a while. I bought some bags the other day I will turn into stockings because fabric is hard to find. That’s my next project! Im excited to show everyone what I’ve made!! Maybe that will be a next week blog post?

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