Adding to or missing out on education?

Adding to or missing out on education?

These day’s I find myself wondering if we are in the right place at the right time. I’ve wondered if we are adding to or missing out on our children‘s education. My ultimate goal as a mother is to ensure that my children receive the best education possible. Living in China education has proved to be a bit difficult in some situations and a most rewarding hands on education possible in others. As I read different posts on Facebook of drivers education, Christmas pageants, Christmas dances, and various other school functions I’m reminded of some activities that the girls could be missing out on.

Lately Mari our 12 year old talks about environmental issues and reads CNN. Monica talks about taking her first year of college off to join the Brethren Domestic Volunteer Services so she can help kids in other countries. Are these the thoughts young girls of ages 12 & 14 should be having, are we inadvertently forcing them to grow up faster than what is necessary? Because we live in a rural area of China they are forced to be each other’s company as there are no other English speaking children. Monica our high school girl has a slight advantage as she attends a local high school. Mari our 12 year old is home schooled through an online program.

These are just thoughts and ramblings of a concerned mother. Perhaps the holiday’s are having an effect on me and playing havoc with my emotions. This will be the first year away from family & friends and has me with some troubled thoughts…


3 thoughts on “Adding to or missing out on education?

  1. Oh Maria, these girls are getting an education that most kids can only dream of. They are being taught values by their parents that so often get muddled in public schools. Be thankful for your undivided attention you have with them. As long as they are learning online they will do fine. Many kids need passions like what they are developing and as long as they are guided by our Lord they are developing Christ like characteristics. Give it to the Lord and teach them more than public schools could do– in other words take advantage of this time. You can always get creative and do your own ” choir concert” or play for your English speaking friends. Lol. Love you and miss you.

  2. I understand your concerns; however, I believe that the previous commenter is right. Being in a foreign country is difficult, and being away from family and friends during special holidays is especially challenging. I hope that you can find strength, wisdom, peace, and joy in your family during these next few weeks. I assume that you are close to the previous commenter, and it appears that you are Christian. Even though you are definitely not living in a Christian country or even community, you can still hang onto your beliefs and faith. I’m rambling. I hope this makes sense.

    God bless you and Merry Christmas

  3. It’s a definite great hands-on learning cultural experience for sure! So many kids in the USA don’t get to have these kinds of experiences and grow up knowing only the USA. I wish I had this kind of cultural exposure as a child. Sadly it had to wait until university. Unfortunately though the quality of education is a little lacking in China with focus on memorization and little if no creative and critical thinking. Seeing as how you won’t be here for the rest of your children’s education (and they’ve already had significant learning back in the USA) I think everyone will do just fine!

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