Lovely Wedding Photo’s

Xiaopei & Frank – With the bride’s permission, I am sharing a couple of photo’s. I’ve written about both Xiaopei & Frank in previous posts. Xiaopei is a wonderful young lady who has turned out to be a daughter of many. We love her quirkiness, sharp mind, and sense of humor. Frank is the IT guy at the company and is also a nice young man. They will receive their marriage registration/certificate in January with a couple of receptions in February. We the American‘s are also throwing a small type of reception for them. We’d like to introduce her to a little American wedding culture.

I’ll share some more on wedding customs and wedding traditions in a later post. Trust me it is quite interesting and parts are just fascinating!

Please enjoy the beautiful pictures of these two wonderful young people.

I think she looks stunning in red!

I think she looks stunning in red!

Xiaopei -wedding 2

A more traditional appearance. Very nice. Although, we have to chuckle as pink is her least favorite color. 


2 thoughts on “Lovely Wedding Photo’s

    • Thank you and your right she does. The funny thing is she is very conservative and this was way out of the box for her. As soon as the shot was taken she covered up with a little sweater. ha ha. She is adorable and really a very sweet young lady. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Have a good day!


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