South Padre Island – Texas

Edited - birds 2When I say I’m going on vacation, that usually means I’m going home to my beloved state of Texas. Aside from my wonderful family, Texas has something for everyone! One of our favorite destinations is South Padre Island. Whether you’re looking for a little R&R, water sports, fishing, or sky diving, SPI has it for you. The Island has turned out to be a favorite spring break destination and can get pretty wild in April, hence why we stay away during the month of April.

Since my family lives so close to the Island, we usually travel back and forth from my mother’s home daily. This vacation we tried a little something different. In August we decided to stay right on the Island. We loved it and I think we have started a new trend of dividing up the time between the Island and my mother’s home.  The strange thing is that I am afraid or better yet terrified of the water. It it reaches my chest or shoulders you can bet I’ll be hyperventilating. Even with this fear, siting by the water edge and enjoying the cheer beauty of the ocean is worth it to me.

Life’s a beach!

4 thoughts on “South Padre Island – Texas

    • Your welcome! I should have added a note on prices. We stayed in a 2 bedroom condo for 3 nights and 4 days for about $650. That is really not bad at all. Of course it was on the edge of the island but walking distance (about 3 minutes) to the water. We loved it.


  1. Your images and description of your trip and the place convince me to go to SPI. I went there once as a side trip from McAllen but we only stayed for a few hours and never get to enjoy it. My friends told me to go back and really savor the island, atleast for 2 nights. I’m already happy with Galveston but if this images are what they are, it’ll be a mini-paradise for me then. How’s the place and weather around March? Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • My heart be still, a fellow Texan. I miss the wonderful state of Texas. March weather is still a bit chilly with weather in the low 70’s if I remember correctly. The beauty of it all is just breath taking. If you decide to go down to the Island, I would suggest looking into La Isla Grand Resort. The Isla Grand was our first choice; however, with a large crowd such as ours and mom & dad (us) footing the bill we had to find something more economical per room. Then since your so close to the border, look up Weslaco, Texas. You can cross to Mexico from this little town and feel very safe and enjoy a little different culture all together.

      A beautiful and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

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