Your last 24 hours experiment by Dreamlife Moments

What would we do in our last 24 hours? Great post and video. You’ll love it too!

Dreamlife Moments

Sit still for 24 whole hours- not moving and staring at a wall. I bet that was the longest day of your life, huh?

Now imagine finding out that you will be gone forever in 24 hours.

Time couldn’t slow down enough. Would you spend your whole time being sad, crying and in denial OR in desperation trying to do the things that you always talk about- but never get around to doing?

Your Last 24 Hours Experiment

In either scenario- 24 hours will pass. That is certain.

Are you making excuses for why you won’t do something? I can’t do that because I’ll already be 40 next year.  Well, guess what? You’re going to be 40 next year if you do it or if you don’t.

Or, I can’t move to my dream-place because I have to save more money.  You know what? There is currency in your dream-place too.

The last 24

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2 thoughts on “Your last 24 hours experiment by Dreamlife Moments

  1. That is a wonderful video. Moving and a bit scary as well. If it’s my last 24 hours, I will be at the beach with the people that is most dear to me. We will play under the sun, swim, laugh like crazy, celebrate, watch the sunset, pray that they will be okay when my time comes.

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