Tome de Bordeaux Cheese – Xintandi, China

My husband loves cheese and loves to sample different varieties when he can. During one of our trips into Shanghai, we found a cheese and wine store in the Xintandi area. In this fabulous little store we found a couple of beautiful cheese wheels, the choice on this day was the, “Tome de Bordeaux” cheese. This cheese is made with of pasteurized goat milk, washed with Sauterne (a blend of different type of grapes). The wheel is then rolled in different herbs, spices, and black & white peppercorns. Delicious!

Some might disagree with me; however, we have found the best way to enjoy the rich and creamy flavors of a new cheese is to let the cheese reach room temperatures. A Cabernet red wine goes really well with this cheese.



2 thoughts on “Tome de Bordeaux Cheese – Xintandi, China

    • Sorry, I seem to have missed this message. I’ve never tried Dutch cheese. What is it like and what would you recommend? We love cheese and when possible we love to try different varieties. Expanding our pallet if you will…lol.


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