Our Sunday Morning Adventure

It’s Sunday, 12/30/2012, its morning yet about 9:59 AM. Earlier in the week we had decided to try a Sunday service in the west Shanghai area. We’ve discovered a small non denominational Christian church that we’d like to try so we’ve contacted the pastor and firmed up the travel arrangements. One of the key & crucial activities we’ve been missing from the States is our church and church family. We miss the community that church brings and the state of mind we have to start the week. Today was to be our first Sunday attendance.

It appears that Church was not to be part of our day today. I do believe the devil was hard at work here and the son of a gun won this Sunday. We got up early, had a light breakfast, and prepared for the trip. A taxi ride to the bank and then to the bus station, followed by a metro trip to the last metro stop to the west end of Shanghai, finally a Taxi ride to the church were the travel plans. We got as far as the bus station.

We got to the bus station and purchased our seats. Seat 31, 32, & 33, were assigned to us with only a few seats to spare.

12/29/2012 mid day, a normally busy road has been abandoned in lieu of the cold and snowy weather.

12/29/2012 mid day, a normally busy road has been abandoned in lieu of the cold and snowy weather.

A light snow in the area. Looks pretty but it's wet so it didn't stick.

A light snow in the area. Looks pretty but it’s wet so it didn’t stick.

Our bus was scheduled to leave at 8:47. We had a little dusting of snow last night and the temperatures was pretty chilly last night and this morning. Due to the temperatures and a few icy patches the bus schedule changed and we were to depart at 10:00. Church service starts at 10:30. We were going to miss service so we decided to head back to the apartment. We thanked the young man who was helping us understand the schedule chaos and jumped in taxi to head back home.

The girls and I are giggling and making plans for the day and didn’t notice anything wrong with the elevator. We pressed the button and off we go to the 7th floor. Ha! We made it halfway between the 2nd floor and the in between floor’s wall. We felt a bump and jump and then it stopped. Oh no, were stuck! We have no phone service or internet in the elevator. We were in there for 22 minutes and 17 second! We were banging on the walls, sounding the alarm to no avail. The call button was also not working for outgoing calls.


Finally we hear someone on the intercom and of course we don’t understand the language and what they are trying to say. All we could say was, “Ni Hao for hello and Er for two and Bangzhu for help“, I was pronouncing banzhu as bang jew (no disrespect intended) so I didn’t think he understood. Finally after 22 minutes someone comes to the elevator and pried open the doors. I shove the girls out first then they help me out. The poor man probably got a hernia trying to pull me up, but he did it. I was so grateful I wanted to hug him. I shook his hands instead with a lot of enthusiasm I must say.

We have never been so glad to climb the stairs as we were today. Mike says he thought the alarm he heard was from one of the scooters. Life is good and we are blessed. We will try another Church trip next week. Stay tuned….



4 thoughts on “Our Sunday Morning Adventure

    • We are laughing about it now… ha ha… I’m an early riser and sleeping in for me is sleeping till 6:30 to 7:00 AM., can’t seem to do much more than that.

      Have a fabulous New Year and be safe.


  1. Lawdy, ya’ll……I can’t help it…I’m LMBO ! I seriously doubt the guy got a hernia getting you
    out of there. I’m just happy you got out.

  2. Mari seems to think we need to add this event to the list of those unforgettable moments here in China. One of the guys that used to live in this apartment said this has happened before although he doesn’t remember a time when someone was in there. Hmm… don’t think I’ll say anything about that comment to Mike. Of course taking the stairs to the 7th floor helped calm our excitement. Whew… I’m way out of shape.


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