Kun Opera House Museum, Suzhou China

Kunqu, also called Kun Opera, is one of the oldest forms of Chinese Operas, also considered to be one of its Four Great Characteristic Melodies. Born in the Wu Kingdom, today’s Kunshan area of Suzhou, it grew and thrived. However, during the Cultural Revolution, opera performances were suppressed. Despite this and against all odds, Kunqu gained in popularity and significance, leading to its current position of importance and appreciation. The Kun Opera Museum, in its hometown, walks visitors through the opera’s history.

Founder sculpture of the Suzhou Kun Opera House

Sculpture – Founder of the Suzhou Kun Opera House

2012-06-12 01.21.14

This door dates back to the Qing Dynasty.

2012-06-12 01.21.24

One door example of elaborate wood carvings.


2 thoughts on “Kun Opera House Museum, Suzhou China

    • I agree. China has a rich cultural history. Traditions alone are mind boggling and so different from what we Westerners know. It’s an amazing country. Our trip here has been a humbling experience and one we will never forget.


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