Part ll: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai China

This is the remaining small selection of photos we took at the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. I had a small notebook where I documented the different species and other bits and pieces of good information. I left my notebook on the subway :(.  So for now, enjoy the photo’s and the description on one or two.

13 thoughts on “Part ll: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai China

    • The jelly fish exhibit was great and I spent quite some time there waiting on the girls while they looked at all the tags and other things. It was not very crowded at all and very pleasant to walk around. We had hoped to catch a feeding; however, I think they must have been off schedule as we didn’t see any of them. Fun all the way around. Next it’s the pearl tower, we’d like to go to the very top and work our way down. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday.


      • I’ve been here for 2.5 years and I’ve yet to check out the Pearl Tower. I’ve been up in the Jinmao and Shanghai World Financial Center and those were awesome (WFC is the best) Pearl should be great too. Go around dusk so you can watch the lights come on

      • I would love to go in the evening and take a look around. It would make for some great shots. We’ve yet to do that. Since the long distance buses stop at 5:22, it’s hard to stick around anytime after that. I’ve been quoted 800 RMB to drive me back in the evening by taxi. Ick… Do you happen to know how much it is to get into WFC? Pearl Tower is 180 RMB… kind of salty a bit but I know we’ll go. If you have any other tips of great areas to visit, preferably off the tourist map, I’d appreciate the heads up. Have a great evening!


      • Holy Smokes 800 rmb! I believe the WFC is 150rmb (half off if you go on your birthday). If you came into the city one weekend and stayed in hotel for a night you could do the pearl or wfc plus Yu Gardens lantern festival. In mid Chinese New Year Yu Gardens is transformed into this out of the world place with lights , lanterns, dragons, basically insanity all around. I’d say its a must see. You are much closer to Songjiang District and there are a few good things to check out there. You can do a trip to Zuibai Pond , plus Xilin Temple , plus the Songjiang Mosque + Fangta Pagoda all in a day. Not many foreigners in that area. I also really like Shanghai’s forest parks , Binjiang Forest Park , Gongqing Forest Park , and Dongping Forest park on Chongming Island. I think you’ve been to the water town Zhujiajiao but also in Qingpu district you can pick strawberries in greenhouses on farms. The kids’ll like that. Longhua Pagoda in downtown is really great (attached all you can eat fancy vegetarian feast for 150rmb) . Hmm , SheShan Forest park and Tianmashan both in Songjiang are also great! This one is really far from you but Nanxiang Town in Shanghai’s northern burbs is the home of the yummy xiao long bao dumplings. Also if you have a weekend and want to get away , Hangzhou , Suzhou , and Shaoxing are all really cool cities. Inquire for further details haha.

      • I’ve tried to respond 3X to this post. Let’s hope this one sticks. Not sure where you got 800 RMB but the cost to get in is 180 RMB. I’ve written all the names of different places you have provided. Stay tuned for some new photo’s soon. By the way Suzhou is a bit more expensive that Shanghai for Taxi services. Since they don’t have a subway and the public bus is packed beyond anything I’ve ever seen, we take taxis in Suzhou. Thanks again for the information.


      • The 800 was from the taxi ride from the city back to your place.Hope you enjoy the places. Looking forward to seeing your photo take on them. Actually Suzhou opened a metro in April 2012. Not as widespread and useful as in Shanghai though. Since I’ve last been to them , Hangzhou , Suzhou , and Xian , have all opened brand new metros! Have you been to Hangzhou? I really like it there!

    • Ha ha Chris, wish I could tell you. It does look rather intriguing. Hmm… since I don’t have my super handy dandy little notebook with the details I can’t answer your question. Your funny… glad you enjoyed the shots. Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow.


    • Thank you and may you have a wonderful New Year as well. A year filled with lots of love, laughter, & adventures. You know, there is such pleasure in watching the girls even at this age (12 & 14) enjoy the arts. Whether it’s the museum’s, aquarium’s, or even nature area’s, they are still at the age where they enjoy these kinds of things. Life is good, we are blessed!

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting.


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