House of Hunan Restaurant – Luxu, China

Late December 2012, House of Hunan Restaurant opened their doors for business. The restaurant has been busy non-stop since its opening day. Hunan food is also known as Xiang Cai. It’s some of the spiciest food I’ve ever tasted; but, not the kind of spice that numbs your lips. The main notable spice in the food is the small red peppers which are pretty hot but also have a pleasant taste to them.

The restaurant is very reasonable priced with great serving sizes. We’ve been there 3 times now. The first time we spent 420 RMB for 6 of us. The second time we went we had a group 8 and spent 553 RMB on a huge variety of dishes. This last time we spent 233 RMB for 8 of us. The main difference in price is the selections. Not much trial and error when we have Xiaopei assist with the ordering.


2 thoughts on “House of Hunan Restaurant – Luxu, China

  1. Wow, Szechuan is a lip numbing experience that has to be tried once and either you’ll love it and your able to tolerate it or you decide once is enough. ha ha Once was enough for me.

    Not sure how far south you can find Szechuan, sorry.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a fantastic evening!


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