Did You Juki Today?

This past December for Christmas we, my husband and I, had decided that gifts were really not all that necessary. I should have known that Michael of course wouldn’t be following the rules as he surprised me with a Juki. The machine is fantastic and FAST! IMG_1497My husband spotted the Juki a few months ago in an out of the way shop. He had told me about the sewing machine and I had hemmed hawed around and kept going back and forth on whether I wanted one or not. I never really gave him an answer so guess that’s why he took matters into his own hands.

The owner reconditions and sell’s these high-speed, single needle, lock stitch  industrial sewing machines. He told my husband that this particular Juki was the BMW of all sewing machines as it was originally made in Japan and reconditioned in China.

Every evening my husband makes it a point to ask me if I Juki’ed today. Ha! He’s such a hoot! I have so many ideas and projects that I’d like to get started on.

My quest to find fabric has been long but not in vain. I was able to figure my way around the metro lines and found The South Bund Material Mart. DSC_0052There are bolts upon bolts of silk, silk blends, linen, spandex, and lot’s of rayon. Cotton however continues to elude me. There are some cotton selections but mostly lighter weights nothing I would want to use for my projects. My quest continues for good cotton blend’s and I’m enjoying playing with my Juki.



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