A Chinese Reception with a Western Flare – China

Our translator, friend, & Chinese daughter (a daughter in our hearts and to many of us) received her official wedding certificate on December 24th. Xiaopei and Frank started their wedding celebration with a reception for the American‘s (us) on January 26th. The newly weds will travel for a 2nd reception with her family in Jiangsu Province followed by a 3rd reception in Henan Province. A traditional tea ceremony will be held in Franks home where Xiaopei will serve his family tea using a serving set that details a dragon and a phoenix.

Xiaopei and Frank honored us by having a reception for their American friends. Us. Xiaopei was curious about our western culture and the ceremony practices that we westerners have. In honor of the wedding couple, Mike had a special blessing for them where he shared 1 Corinthians 13Ephesians 5: 22-25.

Following the small ceremony/blessing, we were treated to a very nice meal with an array of dishes. The dishes were colorful and the presentation was beautiful. The dishes were placed on a very large lazy susan that circled the flower arrangement in the center of the table. The following is an example of the dishes presented during the dinner.

Through out the evening we had a toast after toast honoring the bride and groom, parents, and guest. An all too familiar Captain Morgan and Tequila joined the  beverage selection to be enjoyed by all.

This was a great night enjoyed by everyone. A huge thank you to the bride and groom for treating us to a beautiful dinner. Thanks to Tim & Ed, for hosting the after party. Most of all, we give thanks to our Lord for our great friends that are now part of our family. Without them, living in China would not be as enjoyable. Life is good and we are very blessed!


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