SheShan Catholic Church – Shanghai, China

The girls and I have decided to start exploring some of Shanghai‘s off the beaten path diamond’s in the rough. Our first journey took us to a Catholic church that sits at the top of SheShan mountain called Basilica of Our Lady Help Christians.

The church was first established by a French Missionary. It’s been rebuilt and expanded several times. In 1942 the pope named the SheShan Catholic Church as the Holy Palace. The church then became the Holy Land for pilgrimage of Chinese Catholics. Every May thousands flood the area and church as it becomes the destination for pilgrims who travel from all over the world to make their pilgrimage at SheShan.

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I know some will disagree with my next statement but it’s how I feel. Church is church we are brought together in worship of one God. What ever Christian denomination you are from, what ever country you live in, know that we are brothers and sisters in Christ, and worship the same God. Our family is a mixed breed of Brethren and Catholic denomination. Sitting in this church was wonderful and good for the heart. My emotions took over and the year long absence of a church hit hard. Not just for me but for my 14 year old daughter as well. Words were not needed as our Chinese sister handed us some tissue with a look of compassion and understanding, and the gentle pat on the shoulder was not missed and very moving for me.

Thank you to a fellow blogger from roomaomao for the recommendation and suggestion on his blog. Great stuff, take a look and enjoy his blog as well.


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