Erhu – A Chinese 2 String Fiddle


Erhu - A Chinese 2 String Fiddle

On a hot summer day in a water town called Zhu Jia Jiao near Shanghai China, I saw this man playing the Erhu. The Erhu (Chinese two-stringed fiddle ) 二胡. The history of Erhu dates back to the Tang Dynasty, descendants of a Mongolian tribe.

I changed the photo to CinemaScope type of finish. This in part because the photo reminded me of an old movie with the older style housing behind him.

Huai Yi Ancient Minority Clothing – Tong Li, Wujiang, China

In this photograph, two young ladies pose in Ancient Huai Yi (淮夷)  Minority Period clothing. While the girls are in costume for their photograph, it is fascinating to see what ancient clothing looked like. You can read more about the different minority groups here. It’s a very interesting article. Enjoy!

1 - Girls

Attending School In A Foreign Country- China

China – The culture, language  mannerism  & food, put together is enough to challenge any adult. Now, imagine being 12 & 14 and living in a rural area where English with the local kids is uncommon. I would have to say that this move to China has been a bit more challenging and difficult for our young girls. Luckily they have each other for company; however, as with most sisters go, being together 24/7 has its own set of problems all on its own. 

In September, we enrolled our 2nd youngest daughter Monica in a local school. Rather than starting in 9th grade she was enrolled in 10th grade. The jump in grade then added a whole new set of trials for her. The learning curve was a significant change for Monica. Luckily, Monica was up for the task and has been enjoying school.

Today, we enrolled Mari (our youngest daughter) at the same school attending 7th grade. The semester the girls spent apart was hard for Mari. She no longer had her school companion, friend, & sister to keep her company. Mari commented on how she missed being around other school age kids and actually missed going to school. So after some thought and prayer, we decided to enroll Mari.

Attending school in a foreign country is not easy or even the same as attending school in the states.For example in this school the kids are encouraged to have a cell phone (the school will provide them for a fee), tablets and or laptops are almost a necessity as homework assignments are turned in (for the most part) online, there are a few restaurants on campus and a coffee-house in the school. There is no PTA and parent volunteer’s are unheard of. The school library will be going to a virtual library very soon.  Lot’s of changes not only for our two students but for myself as well.

The highlight of the day for the girls was:

Mari – Mom I met 2 new friends. School was great! I love it.

Monica – Mom, Mari and I had a cappuccino and lunch together.

These sisters share a very special bond!  

An Early Morning Walk, Luxu, China


An Early Morning Walk, Luxu, China

During a Sunday morning walk I stopped to take this photo with the iPhone 4S. I looked at Mike and said, “Would you look at that, that’s God’s amazing glory.

I see it, do you?

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.”
― Plato

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Industry

This week’s photo challenge from Sue at A Word In Your Ear is Industry. Quite an interesting word for photo’s. I had to dig into my archives to find photo’s to fit the word. Here’s my interpretation of Industry. Enjoy!

Please visit Sue’s awesome blog A Word In Your Ear to participate and view other great posts!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


Weekly Photo Challenge – A kiss such as this, innocent as it may be, is filled with so much love. Can you feel the passion, love, & devotion, this man has for me?

A Kiss, yes, a kiss from Mike to Me. ::sigh:: Contentment!



A Different Bamboo Species


A Different Bamboo Species

Species: Gramineae, Subgen, Dendrocalamus
This type of bamboo is native to Washan. Land of the Dai people located in the province of Yunnan. This type of bamboo is rare and endemic. It is also the biggest bamboo in the world. It can reach a maximum of 45 meters in height and 36 cm in thickness. It was introduced to Guyi Garden in 2010.

Guyi Gardens is located in the Nanxiang area of Shanghai, China.