Century Park in Shanghai, China

Spin the wheel or shake it up and pull names out of a cup, that’s what we’ve been doing to select destinations to visit in Shanghai. This time I cheated and put the first name back as it was too long of a trek on a rainy day. So, the second pull was a trip  to Century Park (Shìjì Gōngyuán) off of metro Line 2. Sixteen stops and 55 minutes later we arrived at the park. There is a charge of 20 RMB to enter the park per person; however, the fee is WORTH every RMB we paid. Fantastic area in Pudong district.

The park features Britsh, Chinese, & Japanese garden areas. Beautiful walkways and rock gardens can be found throughout the park. This really is a gem of a place offering scenic areas for photography to boat rentals (small ones), pedal car & tandem bikes, a small amusement park, soccer field, and a concert area. There is much to see and a perfect Sunday hot spot to visit. I look forward to returning in the spring when the flowers are all in bloom.

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